Propane Tanks

We offer both small and large propane tanks for sale or rent.

We carry all the common sizes:

120 gallon propane tanks |250 gallon propane tanks | 325 gallon propane tanks| 500 gallon propane tanks | 1000 gallon propane tanks

We Provide Propane Tanks for Lease or Purchase


Available Tanks For Lease

(Above Ground Only)

250 Gallon

325 Gallon

500 Gallon

1,000 Gallon


Available Tanks for Sale

Above Ground Tanks

120 Gallon

250 Gallon

325 Gallon

500 Gallon

1,000 Gallon

Underground Tanks

500 Gallon

1,000 Gallon

(Excavation Guidelines for Underground Propane Tanks)

Service & Installation

New Installation

We will help you estimate your annual usage and determine the best size tank for your home or business. We handle all of the details to make the process easy for our customers. A new tank installation takes about two hours.

Our trained professionals are here to help you through the process of installing a propane tank at your home or business. We will:

  • Perform a site survey at your location and help you choose the best location to place your tank
  • Help you choose the best tank size
  • Complete the tank installation (includes installing lines, regulators and shut-offs)
  • Perform a propane safety check
  • Walk you through safety procedures and how your system works

Customer Owned Tanks

If you own your propane tank, it’s easy to switch to Polar Gas. We require a Propane Safety Check prior to your initial fill. During this process, we document all of your propane appliances and check the integrity of your system. This takes approximately 30 minutes and requires the homeowner to be home.

Tank Switch Out

If you have a competitor’s tank and would like to switch to Polar Gas, we are happy to help. We would set our tank in place of your current tank, hook everything back up and get your system running again. We would then perform a Propane Safety Check to make sure everything is safe and running as it should. This process typically takes less than two hours.